Vegemite: Beloved by Australians, disliked by Americans.

He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich!

Ever since America first heard this food product mentioned in Men At Work’s 1982 hit single “Down Under”, everyone in the USA has always wondered, “What is Vegemite?”  Is it a vegetable, a meat product, a candy, or just another playful Aussie slang word?  As it turns out, this “food product” is a fermented yeast spread that is dark brown in color, spreads like peanut butter, traditionally is served on toast as a sandwich or topping, and has a taste that is quite indescribable.  But unfortunately, I do not mean that in a positive way, at least from an American point-of-view.  The smell, however, is rather funky, and it is nearly impossible to describe the taste of this mysterious brown paste.  I tried this when I went to Melbourne, and I was unable to finish off a single piece of toast.  I couldn’t even force myself to like it.  But this protein-packed paste has been a staple of Australian diets for nearly a century.  And Australians won’t be offended if you dislike the stuff, because they are already aware that one must be a bonafide Aussie to appreciate it, if not love it!  A word to all Americans visiting Australia: if someone speaks your language, smiles, and gives you a vegemite sandwich, pass!

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