As Australian as Meat Pie

“Mmmmmm, pie!”

I walked inside the aptly named Philip Island Bakery, to find some sweet treats.  What caught my eye were the rows of meat pies and sausage rolls.  The woman behind the counter said she was just about to close, but I tried to finagle my way when I pleaded that I came all the way from America.  With that, she smiled and I walked into an aroma of bread and fudge!  She recommended I try the meat pies or the sausage roll.  I asked if she had any pavlova.  Sadly, she said they had sold out hours ago.  How tragic!  I had so wanted to try this New Zealand fruit cake, after learning about it in the Mem Fox book, Possum Magic.  I knew it wouldn’t have any magical effects on me, but it looked so good!  Nonetheless, I took her advice on the meat pies.  This snack is to Australia, what apple pie is to America.  Or rather hot dogs, as this fare is street food.  A scrumptious mixture of ground meat stuffed inside a flaky pie crust, usually topped with a squirt of ketchup, or as the Aussies calls it, “sauce”.  It is bears a striking resemblance to a British pasty.  Either way, one bite is all it takes to hooked.

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  1. Jeanna says:

    I didn’t know that in Australia people put ketchup on their pies! That definitely differentiates it from British pie…

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