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The London Underground, or as it is known by the locals, “The Tube”, is the official subway system of London.  It is also the oldest subway system in the world; it first opened to the public in 1863 under the reign of Queen Victoria.  What began with a steam engine under the streets of London, has now evolved into one of the world’s busiest and best subway systems.  It is comprised of 270 stations, covers 249 miles, and takes in an average of 3 million riders a day.  The system is divided into a total of 11 lines which stretch in and out of central London.

  • Central (red)
  • Piccadilly (dark blue)
  • Bakerloo (brown)
  • District (green)
  • Circle (yellow)
  • Metropolitan (magenta)
  • Hammersmith & City (pink)
  • Waterloo & City (turquoise)
  • Jubilee (grey)
  • Northern (black)
  • Victoria (light blue)

There is no more fun way to experience the ambiance of London than by riding one of the most famous subway systems in the world.  The carriages are colorful, clean, and run at a fast pace.  Every station has a sign board that tells you how long it will be before your train arrives, and what destination you are headed for.  The platforms are decked out with colorful billboards that walk the line between pop-art and everyday ad.  To pay for your journey, many locals prefer the Oyster card, which is a pay-as-you-go fare card.  Simply put a pre-paid amount on your Oyster, and tap the card at every station; it calculates the amount from one station to another.

The London Underground is more than just a mass transit system.  It is an experience!

“So, when’s the train coming?”

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