London’s DLR: No drivers, No problem!

The train station of the future!

If you see a futuristic looking train gliding through eastern London, and you don’t see a driver at the front of the train, don’t worry, it’s not a ghost train or a runaway.  It’s the Docklands Light Railway in London, or DLR for short.  Opened in 1987, it was built to refurbish the scenery of east London.  There was an abundance of container ports with very little scenery to speak off.  Also, there was a need to generate economic stimulation and passenger service to this once desolate area.  The area now features such sights as the O2 Arena (formerly the Millenium Dome) and London City Airport.

The DLR is comprised of one line that is split off into several different branches or spurs.  From a birds-eye view, the shape of the system resembles a compass rose; branches pointing north, south, east, and west.  Several stations are linked to the Underground and National Rail.  Passengers can travel to London City Airport, visit London’s tallest building at Canary Wharf, visit one of England’s oldest ships; the Cutty Sark, or stand on the exact line where Greenwich Mean time passes through England.

Passengers can use their Oyster card to transfer between the Underground and the DLR.  What is so cool about this light rail is how futuristic it looks.  It is one the few systems in the world that relies on a central computer network to control these trains; no drivers are present at either the front or rear of the train.  It is also fast, clean, and adds a modern feel to what was once a rundown part of London.  Though it is just a mass transit network, it is one ride that should not be missed!

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