Cleveland Rocks!

Cleveland Rocks!

Cleveland has been called many things.  “The mistake by the lake”, “at least were not Detroit”, and whole other assortment of snide remarks made at the expense of a city whole notorious claim to fame is a flammable river and a city that has gone decades without a major league sports title.  Cleveland, is NO loser city, nor is it a loser!  In recent years, this lakefront city has come into its own as a hip, eclectic, and trendy city with many attractions to boot; the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is just the tip of the iceberg in the burg!  And in spite of a lengthy drought in sport franchise wins, the city boasts many die-hard sports fans.  One walk through this city, and you’ll realize that this is no mistake by the lake.  The only mistake, is the assumption that Cleveland is a mistake!  To quote the Presidents of the United States: Cleveland Rocks!

Cleveland still Rocks!

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