Hob-nobbing in the Nobbies

On the Bass Strait

Located with the Philip Island Nature Park, on beautiful Philip Island lies one of the most scenic spots in Victoria, if not all of Australia; a point called “The Nobbies”.  It is an outcropping of rocks that stretches out into the Bass Strait, which is the body of water that separates mainland Australia from Tasmania.  It sits at the southwestern most point of the island.

Seagull Rock Lookout

Surf’s Up Tonight…

Pictured here is a spot called Seagull Rock.  On a quiet day, when the wind is still, and you don’t hear many birds in the air, you can hear the gentle break of the waves of the Bass Strait crashing up against the many jagged rocks below the cliff.  On the other hand, it can also be very windy, and that can make sound of the waves crashing even louder.

Greetings from The Nobbies

If you take a trip to Philip Island, be sure to stop by this vantage point with in the nature park.  The name Nobbies might sound funny, but everything about this location is beautiful!

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