Sydney: Australia’s Most Famous City!

When you think of the words Australia and city, one place come to mind: Sydney!  This beautiful city in southeastern Australia has everything this country is famous for. One thing to consider is that this city is famous for more than just its beautiful opera house and its stunning bridge.

Sydney, Ahoy!

Arguably, the city’s two biggest icons are the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  The former opened up in 1973 in Sydney Harbor, in an area called Bennelong Point.  Since then, this magnificent structure has been a beacon for the performing arts and classical music.  The most noticeable feature is the clam shell-shaped roofs which give the Opera House the appearance of billowing sails; a perfect addition to an area filled with sailboats of all shapes and sizes.

Sydney’s most famous landmark!

The latter is Australia’s most famous bridge, which first opened up in 1932.  The bridge connects Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District) to the North Shore of Sydney.  In addition to bumper to bumper traffic, the bridge also accommodates pedestrians, bicycles, and rail travel too.  While locals commute across the bridge, tourists prefer climbing the bridge.  Everyday, you’ll catch dozens of people in jumpsuits ascending to the top of one of the biggest manmade structures in Australia.

Australia’s most famous bridge!

Getting around the city is almost too easy.  Sydney has a transportation network that is both efficient and scenic.  Besides the usual taxi and buses, the city has a vast rail network that stretches in and out of the city.  Known as CityRail, one can travel from downtown Sydney to Bondi Beach, the Olympic Grounds,the Blue Mountains, or as far as Perth in Western Australia!  The trains are double-decker, clean, fast, and are always on time!  There is also a light rail system, a monorail, and dozens of ferries, which are probably Sydney’s most famous mode of transportation.  Anyone who does not want to get stuck in traffic on the Harbour Bridge can opt for a scenic trip across one of the most famous waterfronts in the world.

All Aboard CityRail!

The Sydney Monorail

“Toot Toot!”

In Australia, life is a beach!  So much so, that more than 80% of Australia’s population lives on the shore, away from the harsh heat of the Outback.  Sydney is home to Bondi Beach, one of Australia’s most iconic beaches.  Besides it being scenic and filled with some of the hottest beachgoers, Bondi lays claim to many historic moments.  It was the first place in Australia where surfing was introduced to the Aussies by Hawaiian immigrants and during the 2000 Summer Olympics, the beach volleyball games were held right here.

“Ah, Life’s a Beach!”

This city boasts a busy waterfront scene, tall buildings, a multicultural background, a bustling infrastructure, and a beach culture unlike anywhere else on the planet. Like a kangaroo, this city will definitely put a spring in your step; and like the opera house, it will put a song in your heart!

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