Venice, Italy: The Floating City of Romance!

Venice: Floating City of Romance!

Venice is a unique city because it is built entirely on water.  It extends along 118 separate islands divided by canals but connected by more than four hundred bridges.  The city is a treasure trove for art lovers, classical music lovers, and food lovers.  The entire city is listed as a World Heritage Site.  Historically, the city was the capital of the Venetian Kingdom, but the foundation of this floating goes as far back as the 5th century A.D..

The entire city is built on islands, and the streets are literally paved with water.  While locals rely on modern day methods of transportation include motorboats, ferries, and speedboats, tourists still prefer the classic gondola to get from A to B.  But it is not all water transportation; the city also boasts a magnificent train station, a nearby motor causeway, and an international airport with flights to several European cities and even American cities.

The city boasts some of the oldest palaces in Europe, like the world-famous Doge’s Palace in St. Mark’s Square, better known as Piazza San Marco.  One can only be in total awe at the fine detail and architecture of such a beautiful palace that appears to be floating in the middle of a city.

Venice is also the birthplace of some of Italy’s most renowned historical figures.  13th century explorer, tradesman, and author Marco Polo journey thousands of miles on the famed Silk Road from Italy to China, and brought back rare valuables from the Orient, from fine silk, spices, and noodles.  For music lovers, Antonio Vivaldi became one the most renowned composers during the baroque era.  One of his most famous pieces, “The Four Seasons” is considered to be one of the most recognizable and beautiful musical compositions ever written.

No trip to Italy, let alone Europe is complete without seeing one of the most surreal cities on Earth.  No where else can you visit a city waterways and canals dot the landscape, music can be heard from every corner, and almost everyone wears a mask in jubilation.  To say that Venice is beautiful is an understatement.  It is like stepping into a work of art, where everyday is a scene from the Renaissance.

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