“It’s Tea Time!”

“Tea Time!”

There is probably no dish more representative of England than tea and sweets.  Everyone from every walk of life has enjoyed a cup of England’s favorite hot brew, from the lowliest commoner, to the highest nobility.  Whether you are a barrister, bobbie, lorrie, or the Queen herself, everyone can agree on a cup of tea.  Nowadays, everyone enjoys a good cup, especially when it is served with a side of scones and clotted cream.  Scones, in my opinion, have always been an excuse to pour endless dollops of clotted cream and marmalade onto, and consume them until your arteries shut down!  I think that the scone was invented merely as a decoy for the most heart-stopping topping since bacon-bits!

“Mmmmm, clotted cream!”

Clotted cream looks like a heavy frosting-like substance, but it spreads like a soft butter.  The taste is somewhere between a vanilla pudding and fresh butter.  In other words, it is a sinfully rich treat that seems to go great with almost anything!  In fact, it is so good, one cannot enjoy a scone without smothering it in this heavenly product!  A scone without clotted cream is like cookies without milk, or a pretzel without beer!

Cucumber Sandwiches and Tea

If clotted cream and scones is too carb-tastic for your body to handle, try a lighter cucumber and cream-cheese sandwich.  It is arguably, the most recognizable finger-sandwich around; just the name conjures up images of fancy, old women chatting it up at a glass table in a country club.  Or if you prefer, aristocratic English women in the Victorian era sitting down to a fancy meal in an opulent garden.  I know this snack may sound girlish, but it quite enjoyable, especially with just a dollop of mustard for flavor.

“Mmmmm, carbs!”

Why have a pretend tea-party with your little girl, when you can do the real thing?  But for the authentic touch, you might want to head to England for the best in tea and sweets.  And not to sound critical, but tea tastes better when paired with a scone.  And scones taste better when doused in clotted cream and jams.  And clotted cream just tastes better when you a sitting just a short distance from the closest tube station.

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