There’s No Place Like Rome!

This Way To Rome!

If you hear the sounds of motor-scooters revving their engines, if you see a caravan of little Fiats circling the streets, if you can smell the aroma of pastas being served al fresco, if you can taste the creamy gelato being served to you in a massive cone, and if you can feel the rough, yet tender surface of the great Coliseum, odds are, you are in Rome, Italy!

Rome’s Most Famous Landmark!

As one of the oldest cities in Italy, if not the world, Rome has been one of the most culturally significant cities in history.  It is where great manmade structures like the Roman Coliseum, the aqueducts, and the Hippodrome were built, at a time when power tools and cranes were centuries away!  A city that where the ancient structures of yore have defied time and mother nature herself to still remain standing, and alongside modern day buildings nonetheless.  It is also the former home of the Roman Senate which established one the earliest examples of law and order in ancient times, as well as where Julius Caesar himself met his end.  Or rather, he met it in the back!

Where Rome and Vatican City meet…

Today, Rome is Italy’s second largest city, as well as one of the most visited cities in Europe.  While many come to marvel at the Coliseum, others come to visit for the many churches in the city.  Arguably, the most iconic are Saint Peter’s Basilica, which also serves as home of the Pope in nearby Vatican City, and the beautiful Sistine Chapel, which features one of the most stunning ceilings as painted by Renaissance era artist, Michelangelo.

The best way to see Rome!

The best way to get around the city is by foot.  With so many sights to see, one does not dare risk missing anything around them.  Otherwise, the city boasts a subway system, a light rail system, taxis, and buses.  For the sake of ambiance, the best way to see Rome is on the back of a motorscooter.  There is nothing like seeing one of the oldest cities in the world on the back of a cute, red Vespa.  Some might say it allows for one to weave in and out of bustling traffic.  But some might argue that it is so anyone will feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday!

No trip to Italy, let alone Europe, is complete without visiting this magnificent city.  What is so amazing about Rome is how it has survived for thousands of years!  I mean, Pompeii was buried by a volcano, most of Alexandria was damaged by an earthquake, and Segesta was sacked by the Vandals.  Rome has survived everything from the Greeks, to the Carthaginians, the Huns, the black plague, and two world wars.  There is a reason that this city is dubbed “The Eternal City”, because that’s how long it feels like this city has been around.  In my opinion, there is nothing more romantic than sitting down on the Spanish Steps, with a gelato cone in one hand, while you just sit back and watch the little cars zoom by.  Or sipping some vino in an al fresco restaurant away from the bustling traffic.  All roads lead to Rome!


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