The Connaught: The Best Place on Carlos Place!

My favorite hotel in London!

Situated on a quiet corner in London’s posh Mayfair neighborhood lies one of the oldest and most opulent hotels in the city: The Connaught.  This five-star hotel features all the comforts of a great hotel, mixed with some old-English charm, all in a turn-of-the-century environment, only with modern technology.

The hotel first opened in 1815 as the Prince of Saxe Coburg Hotel.  By 1917, due to the anti-German sentiments during World War I, the hotel was renamed the Connaught; named after the title of Queen Victoria’s third son, Prince Arthur, the first Duke of Connaught.

Step inside the Connaught, and bask in its opulent, old-fashioned charm.  From the extra large banisters, to the tall columns, the polished brass, the crisp satin sheets, and the impeccable service, this hotel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to luxury and service.  When I first stayed here as a kid in April 2000, I felt like royalty.  I had always had people open doors for me, but the fact that it was at a fancy hotel in London made it somewhat special.  The beds were firm at first, but after an hour, I succumbed to a peaceful night sleep.  Not to mention I enjoyed surfing through British TV commercials.  When I came back to the hotel in July 2011, very little had changed, except for the introduction of flat screen TV’s, and a cool electrical system that controlled the lights in both the bathroom and bedroom from one panel.

The bathroom was probably the only thing more impressive than the bedroom.  It so blindingly white in there, that one must wear sunglasses when turning on the lights at full power!  I once stepped into the bathroom at night, and when I flicked on the lights, I nearly went blind!  I wish I was exaggerating, but alas, even when I close my eyes, I can still see it.  Brightness aside, it is so nice in there, the shower is worth the price of the room!

“In the heart of Mayfair…”

While London is filled with many excellent hotels, the Connaught, in my opinion, is one of the fanciest, nicest, and most quaint hotels I have ever stayed in.  With the hotel within walking distance of shopping on Bond Street, two underground stations (Bond Street and Green Park), and great restaurants, the location is impeccable.  While the place may (what am I saying may?!), rather, will cost you a sizable sum, this is one hotel you definitely need to check in to!  Just make sure you don’t wear sneakers into the dining room for breakfast, or as the Brits call them, trainers!  Seriously, don’t get caught wearing those to the hotel’s restaurant!

Tel: 0808 238 0245
Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7107 8883



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