I Could Eat a Ton of Lamington!

“Mmmmm, lamington!”

What is soft and sweet, covered in chocolate, coconut, and sometimes filled with jam?  Lamington, that’s what!  This Australian desert is a cube of sponge cake, covered in chocolate frosting, then rolled in shredded coconut, and sometimes filled with a fruit jam.  It would be like  eating a piece of cake, a Mounds bar, and a spoonful of jam in one bite.  In other words, “Yum!” Some variations of this desert also have a cream filling sandwiched by two lamington pieces.  Cream filling?  Yes, please!

The dessert was named after Lord Lamington,  who served as Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901.  The dessert resembled the homburg hats that he was most fond of.  Another claim has them named after the village of Lamington, Scotland.  The title of Baron Lamington itself derives from that village.

“Dibs on this piece!”

I first learned about these cakes in Mem Fox’s book, Possum Magic.  In it, a little Possum seeks food from across Australia in order to reverse a magic invisibility spell brought on her by her grandmother.  At the end of the book, she nibbles on some lamington in a casino, and her spell is broken!  When I tried lamington, I wasn’t invisible, but my empty tummy sure disappeared!  It was the most delicious desert that I had ever tried!  It was chocolatey, had the distinct flavor of coconut, and it was most moist!  Pair it with a cup of coffee or some herbal tea, and you’ve got an ideal dessert combo!


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