Corniglia of the Cinque Terre

"High on a hill, was a lonely town..."

“High on a hill, was a lonely town…”

Corniglia is a part of the commune of Vernazza in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, along the coast of the Italian Riveria.  Unlike the other localities of the Cinque Terre, Corniglia is not directly adjacent to the sea.  Instead, the village sits on the top of a promontory about 300 ft. high, surrounded by vineyards and terraces.  One side of the village, however, descends steeply towards the sea.  To reach Corniglia, it is necessary to climb the Lardarina, a long brick flight of steps composed of 33 flights with 382 steps or, otherwise follow a vehicular road that, from the train station, leads to the village.

"Is there going to be an avalanche of houses?"

“Is there going to be an avalanche of houses?”

I first spotted the village from the road, as our tour bus was passing outside of Carrara.  I saw what looked like a tiny village of colorful houses teetering on the edge of a mountain face; it almost looked like the village would slide off the mountain like an avalanche of houses were imminent.  It was, however, one of the coolest sites I saw while touring the Cinque Terre.  Near the top of the village was a round fortification of houses that looked like the outer rim of an old castle.  It reminded me a little bit of Mont Sant Michel in Normandie, France, only without a church spire or island.

"A town teetering on the edge of forever..."

“A town teetering on the edge of forever…”

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