Monterosso of the Cinque Terre

"All Aboard for La Spezia..."

“All Aboard for La Spezia…”

The final town in the Cinque Terre is the seaside village of Monterosso al Mare, or just Monterosso, for short.  The town is divided into two distinct parts: the old town and the new town.  The two areas are divided by a single tunnel that caters to pedestrians and the very few cars in the town.  The tunnel is located under the town’s train station; tourists and locals use it to get into either the main town, or as easy access to the town’s famous beach.  The beach at Monterosso runs along most of the coast line and is the only extensive sand beach in the Cinque Terre.

"Crystal blue waters of an Italian dream..."

“Crystal blue waters of an Italian dream…”

Of all the towns in the Cinque Terre, Monterosso is probably my favorite place.  First off, the beach is absolutely beautiful; crystal clear waters, rowboats bobbing in the water, and the sand between your toes.  Ok, so you can find that same ambiance in the Caribbean.  But here’s one thing that makes this beach unlike any other beach.  Swim out of the water, and you won’t find palm trees, sand dunes, or cattails wafting in the breeze.  Instead, you’re eyes are greeted with the view of rolling green hills, colorful houses, a picturesque train station, and a stone clock tower in the distance.  Truly, a sight worthy of being accompanied by a crystal blue sea.

"I'll order the gnocchi..."

“I’ll order the gnocchi…”

I had lunch at a fabulous restaurant.  I can’t remember having a more scrumptious and rather sumptuous gnocchi.  Gnocchi smothered in a creamy pesto sauce, that is!  After a bowlful of that and a bottle of San Peligrino, I was full!  Sadly, it was time to head back to La Spezia, for my time in the Cinque Terre had come to an end.  I certainly have no regrets about visiting such a beautiful region of Italy.  I do, however, regret not going for a swim.  That water was so crystal blue and tempting!

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