Advance to Boardwalk!

"Advance to Boardwalk!"

“Advance to Boardwalk!”

While many argue that Atlantic City is most famous for its casinos, the real star attraction of this seaside city in southern New Jersey is a 4 mile long plank of wood stretching from Absecon Inlet into nearby Ventnor City.

"Beach Blanket Boardwalk!"

“Beach Blanket Boardwalk!”

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is as amazing as it looks in the postcards you get from the motel off the NJ Turnpike.  While the boardwalk may not have any old-fashioned hotels from the era of the Roaring Twenties and Prohibition, not to mention an absence of performing elephant seals and sideshows, the boardwalk is still a big crowd pleaser.  Up and down, you can peruse the many number of hotels and casinos that dot every inch of the boardwalk.  If you’re not up to breaking the bank inside, head for the breaking surf outside.  The beach is huge and wonderful; the wonderfully crisp smell of salty sea air seems to mix nicely with aroma of fried foods and freshly spun taffy!

While you won’t run into Nucky Thompson or Uncle Pennybags along the boardwalk, you can run into a multitude of people from wannabe gamblers hoping to strike it rich, to kids shoveling caramel apples in their faces, to beach bums in short shorts, and the cliche old ladies with a cup full of nickels!

**On October 29th, 2012, most of the boardwalk in Atlantic City was heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  To this day, extensive repairs are still being made on this iconic landmark.  Here’s hoping that the boardwalk and Atlantic City itself come back from this brutal force of nature.

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