Peter Wynn’s Score: Where Footy Fans Shop!

Peter Wynn's Score

Peter Wynn’s Score

In downtown Parramatta, along historic Church Street, you’ll find a sporting goods store with a treasure trove of sports items that rivals that of any NFL stadium gift shop!  A store filled with enough rugby and soccer items to make your head spin!  Peter Wynn’s Score is your go-to place for all the best in NRL and AFL merchandise.

"Get'cher NRL merchandise right here!  On sale, today!"

“Get’cher NRL merchandise right here! On sale, today!”

Founded by former Parramatta Eel great Peter Wynn, this sporting goods store features every piece of Aussie sports gear from rugby balls, to jerseys, cricket bats, soccer balls, and even American items like basketballs.  Australia, I’ve learned, is a sports crazy country; Peter Wynn’s captures that feeling in a colorful cornucopia of flags and jerseys bearing the names of all your favorite NRL teams under one roof!

Peter Wynn's: "Hey, that's me!"

Peter Wynn’s: “Hey, that’s me!”

"On sale at Peter Wynn's Score: all NRL items!"

“On sale at Peter Wynn’s Score: all NRL items!”

While I was in Sydney, attending the Rabbitohs game, every one of my bunny brethren on Facebook and Twitter told me about this sporting goods store.  Since I was a big Rabbitohs fan, I planned to do a lot of shopping for bunny gear, but I didn’t just want to do it at the game inside ANZ Stadium.  Apparently, everyone just raved about it!  Luckily, it was located a short walk from the Parramatta train station along Church Street, situated near the historic Parramatta Church and clock tower.  The entrance can easily be spotted with its brightly lit neon sign and abundance of NRL flags.  I was on my way back from the Blue Mountains with a friend of mine, and she stopped in Parramatta to do a little light shopping.  Since Peter Wynn’s was close by, she promised to show me the famous store.  As we walked closer and closer to the front, I could see a giant Rabbitohs flag sitting next to a Sydney Wanderers and Warratahs flag.  My hands shook with anticipation as I stepped inside.  I was awestruck by how much NRL merchandise I was surrounded by; it was everything I had envisioned.  It was like being in a Modell’s in USA, only with an Aussie twist!  Like a magnet, I was immediately attracted to all the Rabbitohs gear; I felt like a kid in a candy store.  But it wasn’t just jerseys and flags; I also snagged a bedsheet/linen two-pack for my bedroom!  How much stuff did I by?  Let’s just say I’m redecorating my room to make it look like The Burrow!  Singers and Reggie not included.

I loved it so much, that I made a second trip back there on my second to last day in Sydney.  The cashiers immediately recognized me as the American who loved the Rabbitohs.  When I told them that I’d be leaving soon, they introduced me to the owner himself, Peter Wynn.  I felt quite honored, though kind of shy since I didn’t know who he was, let alone his past NRL fame.  Nonetheless, he was quite taken with my love for both Australia and footy.  But when I mentioned that I followed the Rabbitohs, he jokingly said that I’d make a fine fan of the Eels.  Never mind the fact that the Eels had finished in last place that season and I didn’t know much about them.  That still didn’t stop him from giving me an autographed poster, a free key chain, and a free autographed coffee mug!  Further proof that only are the Aussies are not only a sports-crazy country, but some of the nicest people on Earth.  If you ever go shopping in Sydney, hop a train to Parramatta, walk towards Church Street, and just go footy crazy inside one of the coolest stores down under!  If you can’t score a win at Peter Wynn’s Score, than you can’t win anywhere else!

"I Scored with Peter Wynn!"

“I Scored with Peter Wynn!”

Thank You, Mr. Wynn, for such an awesome place to shop.  But with all due respect to Parramatta, I’m still a Rabbitohs fan!

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2 Responses to Peter Wynn’s Score: Where Footy Fans Shop!

  1. Alisoun Brewster says:

    Jared-the experiences you had seem amazing–fun to hear about them!

  2. Annette Robertson says:

    My daughter and I visited your store on Grand Final day 2015…what an amazing experience and everything was half price…any chance there will be a sale on for State of Origin 1…..we arebringing our grandsons over from NZ and they heard how great Peter Wynns is from their mother
    Cheers Annette

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