Spring into Corrimal: Springtime in Australia!

"Hey, where's the party?!"

“Hey, where’s the party?!”

During my road trip through the Illawarra Escarpment, my friend Tony and I made a pitstop in his hometown of Corrimal, a cute town sandwiched by the mountainous escarpment and the Wollongong coastline.  It turns out that we came here at just the right time; it was the annual “Spring into Corrimal” festival, which is sort of a carnival inaugurating spring.

Corrimal in Springtime!

Corrimal in Springtime!

On the surface, Spring into Corrimal seemed to be your typical, run-of-the-mill carnival with all of the predictable elements of a street fair.  You had your stalls selling cheap souvenirs, fair food which seemed rather “fair!”, creaky rides, and plenty of kids left and right.  But this one had a few surprises.  For one thing, I was introduced to the concept of “showbags”.  These items, traditionally found at Australian festivals down under, are a distinct Aussie thing.  Fair goers buy these fun-looking bags, and fill them with as much swag (souvenirs) as they can.  In addition, I also dined on two unique foods: gozleme and tandoori ‘n noodles.  The former, is a Turkish dish; a sort of quesadilla filled with grilled meats or vegetables, wrapped in flatbread, and then garnished with fresh-squeezed lemon.  A savory and rather tasty item, if I do say so myself.  The latter, which combines Chinese and Indian food into one: stir-fry noodles and vegetables topped with hot, tandoori chicken that is garnished with a lite yogurt dressing.  Suffice it to say, it was one my favorite things I ate down under!

Showbags: No Aussie festival is complete without them!

Showbags: No Aussie festival is complete without them!

"Get'cher noodles!  Step right up!"

“Get’cher noodles! Step right up!”

"Where Indian and Chinese food meet!"

“Where Indian and Chinese food meet!”

The whole festival was quite fun.  Despite its namesake, it didn’t totally feel like spring; earlier that day, it was cold and rather foggy.  Not to mention that when I visited Corrimal, it was still technically the end of winter.  But then again, winter in Australia feels more like the middle of spring by my New York standards.  And while I counted few blossoms around town, I wasn’t there to test to see if I had a green thumb.  I ended up having a great time with my friend from Corrimal.  Not to mention I dined like a foodie there!  I do, however, regret not collecting any showbags.  Well, I guess there’s always the Sydney Royal Easter Show…

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