Redfern Oval Part II: Shop Till You Hop!

Rabbitohs HQ

Rabbitohs HQ

Brian, Brigitte, Tanya, and I ambled our way into the four-story building across the street from the Redfern Oval on Chalmers Street.  Inside this ordinary building in one Sydney’s most historic neighborhoods, lay a treasure trove of red and green.  Inside this building, on the top floor, is a wonderland of items all emblazoned with the beloved symbol of the bunny.  If you are a Roosters fan, than this is your Hell.  If you are someone who admires either Mario Fenech or Reggie, than this is your Nirvana.  Welcome to the South Sydney Rabbitohs Club Store in Redfern.

"South Sydney: Old School!"

“South Sydney: Old School!”

"For all your Rabbitohs needs..."

“For all your Rabbitohs needs…”

One step outside the elevator and I my eyes lit up, like a kid on Christmas morning.  Like a kid hunting for eggs on Easter Sunday.  Like a kid, ok you get the idea!  All the items that I discovered within the realm of the online store were here in their physical form.  The first thing I saw over the register was an electronic-led wall clock; a more expensive item that I saw from the team’s website.  Without wasting a second, I went right for the non-ticking timepiece.  But I wasn’t done yet, no way!  Like a kid in a candy store, I began perusing the merchandise, looking for the finest in Rabbitohs gear.  But I also wanted to score some items for my family; some smaller jerseys for my cousins’ anklebiters were the perfect gifts!  By the time I finished my shopping spree, the cashier was rather impressed by my selection.  And even more impressed with the fact that I was an American who loved both the team and the sport, as well as the fact the Rabbitohs were one of my favorite things about Australia.  With that said, she even through in some complimentary logo stickers, and comped a set of Souths golf balls in my package.  I ran up a pretty hefty sum, but it was worth it!  My wall clock, however, was wrapped up tightly in a cardboard package, and I decided to wait till Christmas to unwrap this gem.

"Clive Churchill History..."

“Clive Churchill History…”

More of Clive Churchill History...

More of Clive Churchill History…

"Lots More Clive Churchill History..."

“Lots More Clive Churchill History…”

Before strutting out of that store like a proud peacock, or should I say, rabbit!, I checked out one last item: a motorcycle chopper painted in Souths colors!  Red, green, and bunny emblems all around on a chopper: talk about bad ass!

"Ride like a Rabbitoh!"

“Ride like a Rabbitoh!”


Next Time: Me and my bunny brethren make our way back down to the oval for the start of a match.  A Souths Juniors match, that is!

South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club

265 Chalmers Street
Redfern NSW 2016, Australia
+61 2 8306 9900

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