Tim Tams: Australia’s Favorite Cookie! I Mean, Biscuit!

Tim Tams: SO GOOD!

Tim Tams: SO GOOD!

Over the years, Australia has given the world some of the sweetest things imaginable.  To name a few, there’s koalas, the adorable antics of Blinky Bill, Olivia Newton-John, and Diana Glenn in Oyster Farmer.  But few can argue that one of the sweetest contributions to the culinary world, nay, the world itself is the chocolate covered sandwich cookie, the Tim Tam!

Tim Tam is a brand of chocolate biscuit made by the Australian food company Arnott’s and is available in several countries.  A Tim Tam is made up of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and then is coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate.  In 1958, a man named Ian Norris, who was the director of food technology at Arnott’s, took a world trip looking for inspiration for new products.  Like a modern day explorer reliving the glory of the old spice trade, he was in search of delicious new discovery that he bring down under.  While in Britain, he found a snack called the Penguin Biscuit and decided to “make a better one”.  Tim Tams debuted on the market in 1964.  They were named by Ross Arnott, who attended the 1958 Kentucky Derby and decided that the name of the winning horse Tim Tam was perfect for a planned new line of biscuits.  Since then, Tim Tams have worked their way into the Australian diet, alongside Vegemite, Lamington, and beer!

For the true connoisseur, the true way to enjoy these biscuits is not with a tall glass of milk, but with a hot cup of coffee.  The Tim Tam Slam, also known as the Tim Tam Shotgun, Tim Tam Bomb, or Tim Tam Explosion is the practice of drinking a hot beverage through a Tim Tam.  Opposite corners of the Tim Tam are bitten off, one end is submerged in the beverage, and the beverage is slurped through the biscuit.  The crisp inside biscuit is softened and the outer chocolate coating begins to melt.  It is indeed messy, but so good!  Think of it as the Aussie equivalent of milk and cookies, only for the more discerning palette.

You cannot stroll through an Australian supermarket without laying eyes on these delectable treats.  During my time in Australia, going to a Woolworth’s, or “Woolies”, as they call it, was always one of my favorite parts.  Why would I enjoy going grocery shopping on vacation?  Seeing an aisle crammed with multiple flavors of Tim Tams was a sight that made my eyes light up.  Is there a more eye-pleasing sight in Australia than a fully-stocked Tim Tam display?  Right up there with seeing a sleepy koala, watching the dice come up horn-high on the craps table at The Star, eyeing some gorgeous girls on the beach, watching the sun set over Uluru, or seeing Reggie at the Rabbitohs game!

Australia's most famous cookie!

Australia’s most famous cookie!

Tim Tams are available in the United States too, but are distributed under Pepperridge Farm, which is owned by Arnott’s.  They are sold, however, for only a limited time during certain months of the year.  One thing is for sure: NO ONE can resist its deliciousness!  Have you ever wondered why Australia is world-renowned for being one of the “happiest” countries in the world?  Tim Tams are just one more reason…

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  1. Jen R says:

    As an Aussie girl..we do love our Tim Tam Slams…also good with a cup of tea. And Woolies is great…I work there but have shopped there for over 25yrs :)
    And GGTSS!!

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