Lucky’s Sandwich Company: Wrigleyville’s Biggest Meal!

Lucky's Sandwich Co.

Lucky’s Sandwich Co.

Fans of this blog probably are aware of my gastronomic encounter with the legendary Primanti’s Bros. Sandwich in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The epic, overstuffed sandwich that is capicola, cheese, cole slaw, fries, and tomato on Italian bread was indeed a meal unlike anything else.  One might assume it is one-of-a-kind.  It just so happens, however, that just 466 miles west of the Steel City in the Windy City, I found another sandwich eatery that rivals Pittsburgh’s most famous.

Just a short walk from historic Wrigley Field in Chicago on Clark Street, Lucky’s Sandwich Company serves up the biggest overstuffed sandwiches in the Second City that definitely first place in both size and taste.  Hot meats are teamed up with vinegar-based cole slaw, tomato slices, and fresh-cut fries on sliced bread.  Sound familiar?  It should!  But wait!  That is where the similarities with Pittsburgh ends.  Primanti’s uses Italian bread, while Lucky’s uses sliced French bread.  Ooh-la-la!  Secondly, Primanti’s has a much larger interior, while Lucky’s is close-knit eatery with limited seating.  Still, if there is a French fry-stuffed sandwich war, these two are the only choices.  So pick a side, America!

PRIMANTI BROS.:  "One cappicola, hold the egg!"

PRIMANTI BROS.: “One capicola, hold the egg!”



LUCKY'S SANDWICH CO.:  "One capiccola, hold the egg!"

LUCKY’S SANDWICH CO.: “One capicola, hold the egg!”

But I did not come to Lucky’s to start a sandwich war.  If anything, I came declaring a war on my empty belly!  I first learned about this place thanks to Mr. Adam Richman of Travel Channel’s Man v Food.  It seems that he always eats at the best places in the country.  Sure enough, his location didn’t disappoint.  I was a little taken back by the small interior, but what the place lacked in size, it made up for in sandwich!  I ordered up the same sandwich I had in Pittsburgh: capicola and cheese.  From the moment that piping-hot basket arrived under my nose, it smelled amazing!  I did, however, slightly burn my thumbs trying to pick it up.  I wasted no time diving in to the decadent melange of meat, slaw, and fries.  It was good as I remember from Primanti Bros..

Nearing the end of my sandwich, I took a moment to appreciate the atmosphere in Lucky’s.  It was a meeting and gathering of every die-hard Cubs fan.  At any moment, I was expecting someone to start shouting “Da Bears!” or “Yeah, Cubbies!”  Meanwhile, I just happen to have walked into Lucky’s on the Cubs opening day.  The game was on TV, and everyone was sporting a big letter C on either their hat or shirt.

For those who are REALLY hungry or those who wish to walk in Adam Richman’s footsteps, Lucky’s offers up something for those who think they’ve got a real appetite!  The Lucky’s Sandwich Challenge invites all diners to step up to the counter and consume a total of three overstuffed sandwiches.  If you can eat up three of their signature sandwiches in under 60 minutes, you will earn a free t-shirt and a framed picture on their wall of fame.

Lucky's Sandwich Challenge: "Can you stomach 3 in an hour?!"

Lucky’s Sandwich Challenge: “Can you stomach 3 in an hour?!”

"Will you join the ranks of great sandwich victors at Lucky's?"

“Will you join the ranks of great sandwich victors at Lucky’s?”


Lucky’s Sandwich Co.

3472 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 549-0665

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  1. Kate says:

    They would go down a treat at ANZ Stadium!! Yummy

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    Mmmm looks yummo :)

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