Su’s Rabbitry: Warren Sweet Warren!

"This Way to The Warren..."

“This Way to The Warren…”

In Dreamwork’s 2012 hit-film Rise of the Guardians, we learn that the Easter Bunny lives beneath the wild Australian Outback in a beautiful paradise known as The Warren.  It is filled with hundreds of tunnels, stone egg sentients, flowers that bloom walking eggs, rivers that flow paint, and the site of a once extinct bunny civilization, it is truly a kingdom fit for the most famous bunny, ever.  Thousands of miles away in a little neighborhood in the town of Ronkonkoma, NY, you will find probably the next best thing.  While it may be indeed a far cry from the Australian oasis of Bunnymund’s home, this place will definitely satisfy any bunny lover.

"Springtime in The Warren"

“Springtime in The Warren”

Follow the hopping rabbits along the fence and enter a place filled with dozens upon dozens of bunnies from all walks of life.  Adorable lops with hanging ears, mini-rexes with their pointy ears, Himalayans with their wriggly noses, and fluffy Flemish giants that just beg to be petted.  In addition to this menagerie of lapines, a wild collection of rabbit paraphanalia sits alongside boxes of kale; choice flayrah for a growing rabbit.  Many of these bunnies are available for adoption, and are all looking for loving homes.

"He will grow up to be a true Rabbitohs fan!"

“He will grow up to be a true Rabbitohs fan!”

The head of this owsla, caretaker extraordinaire, is Su, whom I’m convinced is part bunny rabbit.  She is incredibly knowledgable about her long-eared denizens, and always consults new owners about proper rabbit care, diet, anatomy, and behaviors.  You’ve heard of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer?  Meet the bunny whisperer.  When she isn’t going through boxes and kale and pellets, she runs a lovely farm stand in the nearby town of Hauppauge.  Homemade pies, cider, freshly-grown produce, flowers, and rabbit-based knick-knacks are all for sale, along with a few of her rabbits as well.  The stand is on Rt. 111, due north towards Smithtown off the Long Island Expressway.

"Su: Part Human, Part Bunny?  Indeed!"

“Su: Part Human, Part Bunny? Indeed!”

I discovered this wonderful place thanks in part to my rabbit-breeder friends on Facebook who told me about monthly meetings of a club of rabbit owners and breeders called LI-RBA (Long Island Rabbit Breeders Association).  From there, I was introduced to Su, and her amazing warren.  Helping out at her place is, in a way, a feel-good sensation that really puts a smile on my face.  After all, when you’re surrounded by so many rabbits of all shapes and sizes, who has time to be unhappy?!  A major shout-out to the massive Flemishes whom I particularly adore.  Ever held a Flemish giant in your arms as he gently nuzzles your arm while twitching his big sniffer?!  <3

If you really wanna get up close and personal with these beautiful bunnies, click this link to a YouTube video of just how adorable these lovely lapines truly are…


"sniff sniff sniff"

“sniff sniff sniff”

"Happiness is a warm bunny!"

“Happiness is a warm bunny!”

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3 Responses to Su’s Rabbitry: Warren Sweet Warren!

  1. Alisoun Brewster says:

    Jared–so glad you found this place–sounds like it brings you so much joy!! Su sounds like a pretty special woman!

  2. PJ Lattimer says:

    Jared, due to my spine surgeries I can not hold or lift one of those beautiful bunnies. I loved your video and when the bunny lifted her paw and rubbed her nose it was the cutest. when I lived in NH my mom had a chicken house and in with the chickens she had a lop eared bunny who lived with them. I love you Jared, you know we go way back. Keep up the good work and hug that bunny for me. PJ

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