All American Hamburger Drive-In: Burgers and Fries with a side of Americana!

"All American Hamburgers!"

“All American Hamburgers!”

Massapequa, a big town on the south shore of Long Island, is primarily famous for being the birthplace of Jerry Seinfeld and the Baldwin Brothers.  Besides its celebrity cool, the town boasts another reason to visit: an amazing burger stand that truly blows other fast food chains away!

The All American Hamburger Drive-In, located on Merrick Road just south of Sunrise Highway, is not just a great place to grab a burger and fries.  It is quite literally, a piece of history that is stuck in a time warp.  The old-fashioned burgers and served up with a smile, and won’t even cost you more than a few cents!  Sort of.  Everything about this place seems so historic.

"Get'cher boigers!"

“Get’cher boigers!”



Feed the family for under $10 dollars!

Feed the family for under $10 dollars!

Just check out the menu, and its prices!

The burgers are a little reminiscent of McDonalds, in that they have almost the same size, but yield a much meatier taste, not to mention they come with the classic pickle and onion garnish we all know and love, unless you’re a little kid who hates pickles with such a passion.

The fries are SO FREAKIN GOOD!  These aren’t your boring, bland, starch sticks which are fried in tallow.  They are thick, crispy, smooth, not too salty, and here’s something that not all fast food joints do: they still leave the potato skin on!  These fries are the real deal!  Pair a small order with a cheeseburger and root beer, and you have a meal that costs less than $5 dollars that is 100% all American!

Next time you take a drive through Massapequa, stop by and take a bite out of one of the best eats in all of Long Island, if not New York, if not USA!  We can’t on you running into Seinfeld or Alec Baldwin at the condiment counter, however.

All American Hamburger Drive-In

4286 Merrick Road
Massapequa, NY 11758
(516) 798-9574 ‎

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4 Responses to All American Hamburger Drive-In: Burgers and Fries with a side of Americana!

  1. Alisoun Brewster says:

    Jared, this sounds awesome—Mere would really like to go here. She always judges a restaurant by the quality and taste of the french fries–it sounds like it would get an A+ Look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!! XO Mrs B

  2. Paul Condon says:

    Great story Jared, fast food and travel, a great combination. Looking forward to more!

  3. Denise Wood says:

    One of my favorite childhood places! Yummy!

  4. Dan hipp says:

    I worked there back in the 80’s. Family was awesome. Even met phil and bills parents. They were in there here and there. I live in south carolina now but go visit several times a year. Dont get me wrong its still good but nothing like it used to be. I dont know if it is they use differ products or it is not handeled the way it used to be. Big trash cans full of potatoes cut into fries soaking in water overnight. Waiting to be blanched. Then fried.

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