Mr. John’s Pancake House: Flipping Over Flapjacks in Montauk

Mr. John's Pancake House

Mr. John’s Pancake House

The Hamptons are awash with both high end retail and high end dining options; wineries and bistros offer up the tastiest and most expensive food this side of Beverly Hills and Napa Valley.  But don’t let its luxurious aesthetic deter you from looking for a modicum of normalcy in this playground of the rich and famous.  Mr. John’s Pancake House in the town of Montauk at the eastern end of Long Island serves up the best breakfast dishes in a place the is guaranteed to be snob free, but not fat free.  Then again, who cares?

Inside Mr. John's

Inside Mr. John’s

The little diner on Rt. 27 is a popular place, indeed.  On weekends, you’re gonna wanna get up good and early to beat the crowds; lines are out the door and there’s even a loudspeaker by the awning to call out the next party in line for a table.  But once you have tested your patience, the wait will be worth it!  The pancakes are fantastic and are available in a variety of flavors.  There’s the classic blueberry, chocolate chip, and buckwheat.  And for those looking for a walk on the wild side, there’s the sabre pancakes (coconut filled with coconut-flavored syrup), E.T. pancakes (peanut butter and chocolate chips), and corn cakes and ham (kernel-cornmeal cakes served with a slice of grille ham).  As for those who are not carb-crazy, the place offers up egg dishes that will surely satisfy.  And don’t forget to come back here for lunch; the hamburgers and fries and great!

"Who ordered the hotcakes and sausage?"

“Who ordered the hotcakes and sausage?”

Sabre Pancakes (Coconut Pancakes)

Sabre Pancakes (Coconut Pancakes)

Two Eggs and Hash...

Two Eggs and Hash…

Kernel Corncakes and Ham

Kernel Corncakes and Ham

Mr. John’s Pancake House     

721 Main Street

Montauk, NY

(631) 668-2383

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  1. Alisoun Brewster says:

    Jared,this would a wonderful breakfast choice–Ahhh too far away! The pancakes look amazing and it sounds like they taste the same. Mr B snd I are up in the UP for a little R&R–no place like that near us!! XO

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