Redemption in The Burrow (Part II): The Cracka and Macca Show

Macca having a snacca!

Macca having a snacca!

When we last left our beloved heroes, they were on their Aussie pub-crawl from Central Station to Allianz Stadium at Moore Park.  Fueled by cold beer and the need for getting back at those goons in maroon from last year’s semi-final match, we were more determined than ever to see our beloved Bunnies get their redemption.  I was ambling along the streets of Sydney with my red and green mates, trying hard to stay awake and not pass out in the middle of the street.  I was rather distracted by the joyous cacophony of cheering and singing by the fans; we were a parade of Australian bunny rabbits, with one wily Yank marching in step.

Our time at the historic Captain Cook Hotel was one defined by merriment with an Australian accent, which by the way, has been forming in my vocal cords.  It’s subtle, but I think I may be picking up the voice.  Sounds a bit fair dinkum, wouldn’t you say?  Crikey!  Oh, never mind!  While there, I was introduced to so many fans that I had met only through Facebook and its many Rabbitohs fans-only group pages.  I also loved the collection of vintage rock posters that adorned the walls around the establishment.  If it just looked a bit more run down, had a bathroom lined with thousands of decaying decals, and had a slightly foul odor, it could pass for CBGB’s in New York.  And given Australia’s contribution to the world of pop music and rock n roll, it could be!

Captain Cook Hotel

Captain Cook Hotel

Just as we reconvened outside the rear of the hotel, we marched onwards towards Allianz.  Our short walk across Anzac Parade reminded me of why I missed seeing the match at ANZ Stadium.  All you have to do is hop aboard a train at Lidcombe, wait 10 to 15 minutes, and you’re there!  Moore Park, which surrounded both Allianz Stadium and the Sydney Cricket Grounds, is a poorly lit area with almost no streetlights; even the short walk across the park felt like a night hike through the bush.

Under the comforting glow of the Allianz Stadium marquee, our crew was met with the even more comforting sight of thousands of red and green rabbits!  Of course, there was the case of sharing the grounds with those Manly supporters (it was considered a home game for Manly as they finished ahead of us on the NRL ladder, but playoff games aren’t played on historic ovals like Manly’s stadium, the Brookvale Oval).

"Welcome to Allianz Stadium"

“Welcome to Allianz Stadium”

It was here that I was introduced to Cracka and Macca.  Matt (Cracka) and Darren (Macca) and were trading quips with each other, while Vicki was fighting back every urge to laugh.  Me, I was both too confused to interrupt this amusing banter between friends.  I don’t know what exactly they were saying to each other, but it was saturated in a mix of Aussie slangs, swears, and laughter.  For me, I was too delighted to add in a quip of my own; I was perfectly happy to sit on the sidelines and watch two slightly-intoxicated Rabbitohs fans engage in such camaraderie.  I’ve always been a fan of the Aussie vernacular, and this was just one more piece of the Aussie sports experience that made this night complete!  All I needed now was to see the Rabbitohs beat the Sea Eagles.


NEXT TIME:  It’s kickoff time at Allianz as the Rabbitohs battle the Manly Sea Eagles!  And yes, there will be plenty of tries scored and plenty of Reggie!

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