Brgr: Wrong Spelling, Right Taste!

"Welcome to Brgr!"

“Welcome to Brgr!”

Hamburgers and Fries are a classic, unbeatable combo.  And in New York City, this delicious duo goes way beyond just fast food; it has taken on a gourmet twist that appeals to those who mistakenly write off burgers as de-classe.  Noveau restaurants from Manhattan to Queens serve up burgers with a melange of toppings, cooked to order, and have reinvented the way the average fast-food lover imagines hamburgers and fries.

What is a Brgr, you ask?

What is a Brgr, you ask?

In Manhattan, Brgr is just one example of this new way to dine.  First off, I did not make any spelling errors; Brgr is the correct way to spell this restaurant.  They tout their restaurant as all-natural as they advertise their “grass-fed” beef and adhere to strict USDA standards.  It seems they have the same approach to burgers as Hebrew National has for their frankfurters.  Health regulations aside, it does not resemble a fast-food joint in any way, shape or form.  You place your order, you get a number to put beside you wherever you sit, and a waiter or waitress brings you your personally crafted meal!

Welcome to Brgr!  May I take your order?

Welcome to Brgr! May I take your order?

I highly recommend their Blue Sky burger which comes with creamy blue cheese (not the crumbles or buffalo wing dipping sauce), crispy bacon, onion marmalade, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.  I would recommend getting one topped with their signature Brgr sauce.  What’s great about that Blue Sky burger is that the sharpness and creaminess of the blue cheese combined with the smokiness of the bacon, works well against the juiciness of the beef.  Pair one with their skinny fries (or sweet potato fries) and you’ve got an unbeatable lunch!  If you save room for dessert, try one of their famous milkshakes.  The burgers, cooked to your liking, are thick, juicy, and full of flavor.  Plus, having all those toppings doesn’t interfere with the natural taste of the meat.  Brgr may be spelled wrong, but what they do get right is how to make a great burger!  I mean, brgr!

Brgr and Fries

Brgr and Fries

I'm feelin' blue.  As in I feel like a Blue Sky Brgr!

I’m feelin’ blue. As in I feel like a Blue Sky Brgr!


287 Seventh Avenue
(Between 26th and 27th St)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 488-7500

11am – 11pm Monday – Thursday
11am – 12am Friday – Saturday
11am – 9pm Sunday

Nearest Subway Stop:
1 train at 28th Street

Closest Subway Stops:
N or R Train at 28th Street
C or E Train at 23rd Street
F or V Train at 23rd Street


1026 Third Avenue
(Between 60th and 61st St)
New York, NY 10065
(212) 588-0080

11am – 10pm, Monday – Thursday
11am – 11pm, Friday – Saturday
11am – 9pm, Sunday

Nearest Subway Stop:
4,5,6,N,R or W trains at 59th Street and Lexington Ave.


2233 Broadway
(Between 79th and 80th St)
New York, NY 10024
(212) 875-1800

11am – 11pm, Sunday – Thursday
11am – Midnight, Friday – Saturday

Nearest Subway Stop:
1 train at 79th Street

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  1. Alisoun Brewster says:

    Jared–again, you are so good at these reviews. I feel like I am there and can taste what you are writing about–well done. Love reading these!!!

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