Crif’s Dogs: Williamsburg’s Hippest Hot Dogs!

"Welcome to Williamsburg!"

“Welcome to Williamsburg!”

You know what one of my favorite words in the English language is: Serendipity.  It is the art of finding simple pleasures and happiness when you least expect it.  That is the case whenever I set out on the open road and explore new places.  Or in this case, hop on the subway and head into Brooklyn.  That was the case for me just last weekend when I traveled into the hip neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  This historic neighborhood may be synonymous with the hipster, who may or may not be a popular figure, but beyond the cliche beard and glasses, there is a restaurant where you don’t need to be a hipster to have fun.  But it don’t hurt!

"Welcome to Crifs!"

“Welcome to Crifs!”

Enter Crif’s Dogs.  When it comes to hot dogs and Brooklyn, Nathan’s Famous on Surf Avenue in Coney Island reigns supreme.  But the 99-year old Frankfurter isn’t the only dog in Kings County.  In Williamsburg, just across the East River, at the corner of Driggs Street and North 7th Avenue, just above the Bedford Street L train stop, you’ll find a doghouse where variety, truly is the spice of life!

So many dogs, so little time...

So many dogs, so little time…

One thing that sets Crif’s apart from the others: their menu!  Like some of my favorite hot dog hangouts in Chicago, this place features a menu that reads like a Willy Wonka factory of wieners!  For New Yorkers, they have your standard mustard and sauerkraut.  For those from New Jersey, get a grilled frank with taylor ham, chili, mustard, onions, and hot sauce.  For southerners, sample the Redneck with chili, jalapeno relish, and topped with cool cole slaw.  Oh, did I mention that it comes wrapped in bacon?!  That’s right!  For hardcore New Yorkers, dine on the John-John Deragon which is a hot dog that evokes the spirit of a bagel.  It’s a grilled wiener topped with the seeds from an everything bagel, scallions, bacon, and a schmear of cream cheese!  And if you’re feeling brave, try the lil ma which comes with peanut butter, pickles, and crushed potato chips, all wrapped in bacon!

The Redneck Dog (left) and Jersey's Finest (right)!

The Redneck Dog (left) and Jersey’s Finest (right)!

Pair one of these hip hot dogs with a side of fries and an RC Cola (that’s right, RC!), and you’ve got an amazing lunch worthy of Williamsburg!  I do, however, think it is a bit overpriced.  Toppings range from $0.95 to $1.50 and the fries are around $3.50.  Other than that, it is definitely worth it!  Oh, and since it is Williamsburg, the place is adorned with Star Wars action figures on the shelves, a Ms. Pac Man/Galaga cocktail-style arcade cabinet, and don’t be surprised if a few reruns of The Simpsons appear on the two TV’s inside the place.

Next time you’re on L train headed to Canarsie or Chelsea, get off at Bedford Street and chow down on some of the best hot dogs in the Big Apple!

Crif’s Dogs


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