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Since my sister got married, she has become quite the Chicagoan; she has learned all the streets, neighborhoods, and restaurants along the North side to which she has become a proud resident of.  My sister, being the wise one when it comes to wine, fine dining, and ambiance, has introduced me to some of the best bistros and diners the North side of the Windy City has to offer.  During my recent visit to her new neighborhood in the Lakeview East suburb near Wrigley Field, Jenny and Leland took my family and I to some of the best eateries in the neighborhood.  I present to you a look at some of these gastronomic goodies.

 1.  Prost: 2566 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

Prost! Chicago's best in Deustchland delights.

Prost! Chicago’s best in Deustchland delights.

Just below the L near Fullerton station on N Lincoln Ave., you’ll find a brauhaus worthy of the thirstiest and hungriest Bavarian.  The beer menu is extensive; it is a bit like wine tasting where each lager and ale and stout is thoroughly described with such detail.  You can order a tall boot of beer but you better bring a friend with you; boots are so tall that the restaurant requires at least two patrons to drink that monster.  Oh, and do bring a designated driver.  For starters, order up one of their gigantic soft pretzels with mustard and beer cheese.  And like the boot beer, you’re gonna wanna invite some friends to polish that pretzel off because it is just that HUGE!  Many of the sausages have names of nearby midwestern cities like Kenosha and Sheboygan.  I had the Sheboygan which tastes like a really juicy bratwurst.  It isn’t as big as I thought it’d be, but it is still worth it.  Make sure to score a side of spatzle and kraut.  Or if you aren’t into sausage, their schnitzel and goulash with potato pancakes is also a must.

2.  Bar Pastoral: 2945 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60614

Bar Pastoral. The best charcuterie in Chi-town!

Bar Pastoral. The best charcuterie in Chi-town!

If you can’t decide between French and Italian, this wine bar and charcuterie will satisfy both sides.  Besides having an extensive wine selection, it is the meat and cheese platters that will make you wanna come back.  But make sure that you also order up a whole bulb of roasted garlic to go with your own personal baguette.  It is so soft, warm, and buttery, you might wanna forget about ordering anything else.  On second thought, try their gnocchi or their slow roasted chicken thighs served over couscous.

3.  Pie-N-Cones:  3343 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

Pies, Fried Chicken, Fries, and Ice Cream... OH MY!

Pies, Fried Chicken, Fries, and Ice Cream… OH MY!

What’s better than fried chicken?  How about fried chicken with a side of pie?!  Pies N Cones’ a la Mode Cafe features finger-lickin fried chicken served with all the fixins.  Fries, beans, slaw, biscuits, and all the hot sauce you want.  Make sure to douse it on the wings!  For a true taste of the south, you won’t just find light meat and dark meat but also gizzards and livers as well for the daring pallet.  For dessert, their pies are not too be missed.  I highly recommend their strawberry cheesecake pie.  It’s pie AND cheesecake in one!  Welcome to heaven!

4.  Hutch:  3301 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60657

Hutch Chicago

Hutch Chicago

In the mood for some simple dining?  Looking for al fresco dining in the neighborhood underneath the trees?  You’re searching for happy hour?  You found it at Hutch.  Seing by from 3pm-6pm for happy hour and order up a Moscow Mule or some unlimited champagne.  Cheers!  I highly recommend their tomato soup and definitely go for one of their burgers, or as they refer to them, “handhelds.”  For an entree, I would go for their panko-crusted chicken served over mashed potatoes and greens.  It is over baked and doesn’t taste at all greasy; juicy and crisp with each bite.

5.  Mon Ami Gabi: N Lincoln Park West, Chicago, IL 60614

Mon Ami Gabi: Bon Appetite!

Mon Ami Gabi: Bon Appetite!

For the best in French fare with an old Chicago twist, step into Mon Ami Gabi near Chicago’s Lincoln Park.  Just off the Fullerton Parkway and situated inside of the most opulent residential buildings I have ever seen, this French bistro has everything from traditional potage du jour and seafood towers to steak frites and fine wine.  For starters, I insist you order their warm tomato sauce that comes with a large dollop of goat cheese and half a loaf of garlic bread.  You won’t be able to resist licking the plate clean.  The seafood stack is a tall, icy tower of chilled shrimp, mussels, crab, and oysters that will please the anyone with a fondness for les poisson (seafood).  For the landlovers, their steak frites come with your choice of garnish and sauce; my favorite is the garlic butter.  This place is only open for dinner after 5pm so you will definitely wanna make reservations.

6.  Ann Sather Restaurant: 3415 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

Ann Sather: Best breakfast in Lakeview East!

Ann Sather: Best breakfast in Lakeview East!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  The place to begin said meal is inside Ann Sather Restaurant or Ann Sather’s.  While the place does have the standard eggs and bacon, pancakes, and waffles, this place is all about one thing: CINNAMON BUNS!

I like BIG BUNS and I cannot lie...

I like BIG BUNS and I cannot lie…

Their buns are so popular and SO BIG, they are offered up as a side dish with their egg dishes and it is encouraged to polish one off with a fork and knife.  They are gooey, warm, and they are most generous with the icing.  They also offer sticky buns with pecans and even offer buns to-go in their signature red, yellow, and blue paper bags.  The place, unfortunately, does stay open past 3pm so you can’t satisfy a late-night craving for cinnamon.  Just buy one now and warm it up come nightfall.  Or better yet, eat them now!  Why wait?

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