Schmidt’s Sausage Haus: Ohio’s Best Wurst!

"Wilkommen to Schmidt's!"

“Wilkommen to Schmidt’s!”

My first time in Columbus, Ohio and I knew just the place I HAD to check out.  I could smell the sizzling of sausage, the flow of brewery-fresh beer, and the ear-splitting cacophony of polka music from grown men in leiderhosen while dancing schuhplattler.  Nestled in the heart of Columbus’ German Village, Schmidt’s Sausage Haus is the premier destination for the best in Deutschland delicasies.

You’ll find this brauhaus at the end of Kossuth street just a stone’s throw from downtown Columbus.  It sits inside a brick building at the end of a street; a tableau of brick, cobblestones, trees, and cute homes.  I first heard of this place on the Travel Channel’s, Man V Food where Mr. Adam Richman, as per usual, always showcases the best eats in the country!  Make sure you come early as there are plenty of people crowded outside just itching for a seat.  This is such a hot tourist spot, it isn’t uncommon to see taxi cabs pull up to this place with passengers just pouring out like a clown car who are there for the best wurst.  One step inside and you are treated to a place that tickles every single one of your senses.  The polka music, the German paraphanalia, the butcher case of sausages and cabbage, and the best part: rows and rows of cream puffs that will tempt you to not finish your meal so you can save room for dessert.

So many cream puffs, so little time...

So many cream puffs, so little time…

In Germany, the Autobahn is a network of roads that boast no speed limit.  At Schmidt’s, the Autobahn is the name of their signature buffet that boasts no limit to the amount of sausage you can pile on your plate.  The signature sausage at Schmidt’s is their Bahama Mama link.  It has a smooth taste with a firm casing.  You can see the little mustard seeds inside the link with notes of garlic, paprika, and a mild spice that gives it some heat.  It is not as spicy as most spicy Italian sausages but it is much spicier than most bratwursts.  No one can eat just one; it pairs very well with their sauerkraut and their green bean spatzle combination.  For a savory taste, spoon some of their sausage stew on your plate.  A hearty onion-flavored sauce with sausage so soft, it melts in your mouth.  The classic bratwurst has a strong taste but goes very well with mustard or their potato salad.  Lastly, for those who can’t make up their mind, try their garlic knockwurst which, in my opinion, splits the difference between the brats and the Bahama Mama.

Take a ride on Schmidt's Autobahn!

Take a ride on Schmidt’s Autobahn!

Pair any one of these links with one their many beers (after all, it’s a German restaurant!) and you will wanna polka your butt off until it falls off!  And just like a wine tasting, the bartenders and barmaids will give you a sample of one of the beers until you have made your selection.  For dessert, gird your loins and brace yourself for the legendary 8 oz. cream puffs.  To repeat, an 8 ounce cream puff!  There’s the classic vanilla puff, chocolate cream, and the decadent chocolate peanut butter.  There’s also a limited edition cream puff flavor that is only every month.  Whatever your choice, be prepared for an epic dessert!  If you order one, you may  need help polishing this puff off!

The BIGGEST cream puff in the Buckeye State

The BIGGEST cream puff in the Buckeye State

For the best brats and beer in the Buckeye State, polka yourself down Kossuth Street and into Schmidt’s.  Oh, and don’t forget to swing by their fudge shop next door for some sweets-to-go!  ZER GUTE!

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    WOW Jared!!! Sounds like quite the adventure!! What took you to Ohio??? I want to go just so I can try the peanut butter cream puff👌🏻!! 😘

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