Do-Rite Donuts: Donuts, Done Right!

Do-Rite Donuts.  Donuts, done right!

Do-Rite Donuts. Donuts, done right!

If you find yourself wandering around the tall buildings off Michigan Avenue in the Chicago neighborhood of Streeterville, you may pick up the faint scent of donuts and chicken wafting in the windy city breeze along Erie Street.  Keep your head up past all the tall buildings and you’ll find the marquee pointing your way into Do-Rite Donuts.  This donut joint may be little but it is BIG on taste and variety.  Their cake donuts and thick and moist, their old-fashioned glazed have a sweet and crunchy exterior, and their chocolate frosted donuts use a thick, chocolate ganache (not frosting!) called Valhorna that coats it so dark, light cannot escape its surface.  For the daring, try one of their bacon-maple donuts which come a thick maple frosting a strips of bacon.  Not bacon bits, bacon strips!

This shop doesn’t stop with rings of dough and cups of coffee.  Do-Rite offers up a menu of fried chicken sandwiches served on a soft brioche bun.  The classic, the one I highly recommend, comes topped with shredded lettuce, pickles, and mayo.  The combination of topping remind me of a homemade tartar sauce and pairs excellently with the plump, fried chicken breast.  For the more daring who love their bacon-topped donuts, see if you have the appetite for a chicken sandwich served between a two slices of an open-faced glazed donut that is butterflied and topped with the fried goodness.  Oy ve!

Don’t forget a side of their fries which are terrific.  Unlike most fast food joints, their fries still have the skins on, are lightly dusted in sea salt, and give off a light baked potato taste.  Their so good, you may just wanna forgo the ketchup.

All in all, it is the perfect little hideaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Chicago even for just a few minutes.  It is three things that everyone loves under one small roof: donuts, chicken, and coffee.  It is a delicious reminder of why Chicago is a city that will leave you feeling full and happy.  Next time you find yourself stepping down the Miracle Mile, make a hard turn down Erie Street and enjoy some of best fried foods on Lake Michigan!  Do Rite is donuts, done right!

Do-Rite Donuts

233 E Erie St, Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 344-1374

Monday thru Friday
Saturday & Sunday

Mass Transit: Ride the red line to Chicago/State station and walk eastwards towards Michigan Avenue (towards the lake).  Once on Michigan, walk southwards to Erie and make a left.

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  1. Alisoun Brewster says:

    Jared….YUMMY!!! Will have to try when I get back to Chicago!!!

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