Dining in Darling Harbour


Whenever I stay in Sydney, I have made it a habit to stay at the Four Point Sheraton on Darling Harbour.  But I don’t just stay here because of it’s reasonable rates, comfy atmosphere, and friendly staff.  Like in real …

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Little Collins Cafe: Aussie Coffee Break in NYC


Fans of this blog probably already know how much I love the land down under.  From the people, the animals, the sports fans, and the food, I am very fond of Australia.  And lately, I’ve noticed how New York City …

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Tim Tams: Australia’s Favorite Cookie! I Mean, Biscuit!


Over the years, Australia has given the world some of the sweetest things imaginable.  To name a few, there’s koalas, the adorable antics of Blinky Bill, Olivia Newton-John, and Diana Glenn in Oyster Farmer.  But few can argue that one …

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I Could Eat a Ton of Lamington!


What is soft and sweet, covered in chocolate, coconut, and sometimes filled with jam?  Lamington, that’s what!  This Australian desert is a cube of sponge cake, covered in chocolate frosting, then rolled in shredded coconut, and sometimes filled with a …

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Victoria Bitter: The Real Aussie Nectar!


Beer is to the Australians, is what fine wine is to the French, or what tea is to the Chinese, or what Coca-Cola is to the Americans!  Of all the many images of Australia, one that is true is their …

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As Australian as Meat Pie


I walked inside the aptly named Philip Island Bakery, to find some sweet treats.  What caught my eye were the rows of meat pies and sausage rolls.  The woman behind the counter said she was just about to close, but …

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Vegemite: Beloved by Australians, disliked by Americans.


Ever since America first heard this food product mentioned in Men At Work’s 1982 hit single “Down Under”, everyone in the USA has always wondered, “What is Vegemite?”  Is it a vegetable, a meat product, a candy, or just another …

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