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  1. Matt says:

    Hi how are you Jared?

    My name is Matt,

    im just wondering if you would be interested in a guest post for your site? I’m a traveler/blogger who lives in Sydney so I can write you up a pretty good article related for your readers.

    If your interested in a blog post on one of my travel sites that would be cool also.

    Just let me know :) maybe we can work together in some way also with the travel stuff…… cheers buddy :)

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Matt. First off, thank you so much for your comment and for your suggestion. What kind of travel blogs do you do? Where in Sydney are you from? Can you post links to your websites/blogs? How about you write an article for my site, and I’ll write an article for your site? Thanks, mate! Also, are you a Rabbitohs fan?!

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