Katoomba ScenicWorld: See the Blue Mountains, In Style! (Part I)

Scenic World: "The most scenic place in the...world!"

Scenic World: “The most scenic place in the…world!”

When you think of the Australian bush, idyllic images of koalas napping high in gum trees, kookaburras laughing joyfully, and rocky cliffs towering over the greenest trees billowing in the breeze.  It is a peaceful tableau if you ever saw it.  And it is quite real if I dare say so myself.  One particular place within the confides of the Blue Mountains is Scenic World, where locals and tourists alike come from miles away to get the best view of one of Australia’s most beloved areas.

Scenic World is located in the town of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, about 64 miles northwest of Sydney.  Scenic World is home to 4 attractions, of which the most famous is the Katoomba Scenic Railway, which is the steepest railway in the world.  The site also includes the Katoomba Scenic Skyway, the Cableway, and Katoomba Scenic Walkway a 1.5 mile elevated boardwalk through the ancient rainforest.

View from the Skyway

View from the Skyway

Scenic World offers guests several different ways of exploring this expansive landscape.  The first mode of transportation that I’d recommend, having trekked the area myself, is aboard the Scenic World Skyway, which is a large aerial cable car.  Suspended 270 meters above ancient ravines, the Skyway provides a unique thrill as breathtaking views are revealed beneath your feet through the electro-glass cabin floor.  For the less adventurous, seating and solid flooring is also available.  With 360° views, the 720 meter journey provides the best views of Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters, and Jamison Valley stretching to the horizon.  Disembark at the Skyway’s east station to access lookouts over the valley along with bush trails to Echo Point.

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls

"All aboard the Scenic World Skyway!"

“All aboard the Scenic World Skyway!”

I stepped aboard the Skyway with my trusted friend and fellow bushguide, Rachel, the wife of my Rabbitohs/Giants fan, Bill.  She was cute like a koala, but energetic as a kangaroo (sorry for the predictable Australian clichés!  My apologies to both man and marsupial.).  As we boarded the Skyway, I took a deep breath as we were treated to a view, to which we reacted with awe!  It was a deep valley, covered in many shades of green, accompanied by a towering waterfall.  I was certainly prepared for a breathtaking view below, but I was not prepared for the temperature; it was so cold!  It was barely the beginning of spring, but it felt more like early March in Long Island; I wished I had at least brought a scarf or a pair of long pants!  Brrrr!  The view from the Skyway was utterly amazing!  I was doing everything I could to snap a picture, afraid that I may never see such a sight again.  But all I could do was stare in awe of how lucky I was to be in such a place that reminded me of why Australia is often referred to as the “Lucky Country”!

Skyway view (towards the main entrance)

Skyway view (towards the main entrance)


Stay tuned for the continuation of my adventure in Scenic World with Rachel…  TO BE CONTINUED…


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2 Responses to Katoomba ScenicWorld: See the Blue Mountains, In Style! (Part I)

  1. Rachel Gotsis says:

    It really was an amazing day! The clean fresh air and the beautiful surroundings! Just awesome!

  2. Vicki Hayes says:

    Great article Jared…can imagine your excitement and how in awe you were of the great Australian Bush in our magnificent Blue Mountains in Katoomba.

    I love reading your perspective of your travels here in my country. Keep the articles coming…Loving it !!! SSTID GGTSS….

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