The Golden Century: A Swan Song in Chinatown

Golden Century Restaurant

Golden Century Restaurant

On my last night in Sydney, the Gotsis family took me for one last meal in the city that I had grown to love over the last 16 days.  They picked a rather lovely Chinese restaurant in Sydney’s Chinatown neighborhood.  The Golden Century became the setting for our tearful goodbye.

A brisk walk down Sussex Street with Rachel, Bill, Isaac, and Charlotte stood between us and the finest food this side of Aberdeen Harbor.  The restaurant reminded of a classic Chinese restaurant; giant fish tanks filled with lobsters, just ripe for the picking!  Clean, white tablecloth, an extensive menu so big, you need about half-an-hour to read through the laundry list of eats!

"Tastes so much better when it's fresh picked!"

“Tastes so much better when it’s fresh picked!”

Bill ordered me up a Chinese beer, while Rachel and I split some hot tea.  I watched as Isaac practically ate his way through my entree of spring rolls (remember folks, entree in Australia is actually your first course!).

The main meal was a rather modest banquet of noodles, peppered beef, honey-battered chicken, squid, shrimp chips, fried rice, and tea.  What was cool was that I ate noodles out of a small bowl that looked like something you’d keep candies in.  Sort of a small sugar bowl.  A few servings later, and I was stuffed!  But to tell the truth, I was too nervous finish every last morsel.  I had a big flight the next morning back to New York, and I was worried that I wasn’t going to make it; I had to be at Kingsford Smith Airport by 7 am, and I didn’t want to oversleep.  But in reality, I wasn’t just nervous, but blue.  I mean, this was my last meal in Sydney, and who knows how long it would be before I’d be back?  I tried to not let it fill my mind, as I was too busy trying to fill my belly!

"Peppered Beef, anyone?"

“Peppered Beef, anyone?”

"Pass the noodles..."

“Pass the noodles…”


If you find yourself wandering the streets of Sydney with a hankering for some excellent, and rather authentic food from the not-too Far East (you are in Australia, you know!), head for the Golden Century!  You won’t wanna miss the lobster pickings!

"Fresh picked!"

“Fresh picked!”

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  1. Will Gotsis says:

    Hey Jared, so glad to have spent your final night in Sydney with you. Humbled would be the operative word. I look forward to the next time we have some Chinese together, more than likely in your part of the world at RVC. God Bless and keep up your amazing blogs! The Gotsis Familia..

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